The Christian Life

Wrapping Presents with Pop

I was sitting on the floor just now, big and pregnant with twins, barely able to reach the top of the wrapping paper roll I was cutting, and using way to much tape, surrounded by a mess…and I thought of my Pop. It was sometime in my childhood, I was probably 10 or 11. Pop and I were upstairs in our home in Memphis wrapping presents. Ever the economist, he commented that I was wasting tape, and grabbed the little box of instant flavored coffee I was wrapping for my dad (listen, little kids have limited budgets…but I still wonder what Dad thought of that gift), and wrapped up the whole thing using one piece of tape. ONE PIECE…y’all. So, as I sit wrapping presents every Christmas Eve, using too much tape, and wondering how on Earth he did that, I smile…and miss him.  Love the ones you’re with. Make memories, even weird ones. Be present. beach pop Merry Christmas Eve.

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