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To the New Mom on Mother’s Day

First things first, like Valentines Day, Mothers Day is just another commercial holiday made to make money for card companies while also causing emotional distress for about 60% of women.

Here is a small and non-exhaustive list of people for whom Mothers’ Day is a real bummer:

  1. First time moms whose husbands are actually celebrating their moms instead of their wives. (as they, my dear friends, are super accustomed to). li>
  2. People whose mothers have died.
  3. People whose mothers are dead beats.
  4. People who want desperately to be mothers but aren’t.

So today, on this day when expectations run high but are rarely met…let’s focus on the positives.

Here are mine:

My husband loves his mama and she raised him well, and then I got to be married to him. If he celebrates her a little more naturally than me on Mother’s Day, that’s ok, because she’s HIS mom. He’s spent his whole life celebrating her on this day. And I’m glad for his sake, that she is a mother worthy of his love and accolades.

I have my own awesome mom to celebrate today. A mom who valued and encouraged our creativity and independence. A mom who taught us hard work and integrity and the love of Jesus. A mom who made my childhood and adulthood generally “issue” free and joyful.

Now, I get to be a mom of four awesome kids. Heck! I got one for free with a twin pregnancy.


Did my kids wake up and call me blessed today? Nope. My husband is still sleeping off a night shift and the kids made Happy Mother’s Day cards for their grandmas weeks ago. Goodness, they don’t even know it’s Sunday. I woke up early and sanitized the whole house because we have a puker and then I made everyone else breakfast and 2nd and 3rd breakfast (I think someone is growth spurting). Now two are down for naps, while one plays in her fort and the other reads with her grandmother.

It’s a normal day around here. And that’s good. Because it means every one is healthy (well, relatively speaking as healthy as you can be with 4 kids under 6, which is like 73% on a good day) and every one is together. My husband celebrates me as a way of life and I am blessed beyond words.

The point is precious brand new moms, and seasoned alike, Mothers Day is a great time to feel special, but you’ll find yourself much more content today if you focus on your blessings rather than your expectations. Don’t worry, most of us learned this the hard way somewhere between year 1-3 of motherhood. I myself, learned of my third pregnancy after being  a total jerk to my awesome husband one Mother’s Day morning and thinking “why am I so grouchy? Oh I’m late, oh I’m pregnant!”

Happy Mother’s Day! You’re a great mom!

Update: I found a note, balloon, and flowers in my closet which I didn’t notice until 10:30 because I was too busy mommin’ it up. Way to go, Husband.

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