Homeschool Confessions

A while ago, I was sitting around with some extended family and a new friend. When she heard that my husband and his siblings had been homeschooled, her first question was “Did you do school in your pj’s?” When the question was asked, right there with the whole family present, they all (siblings and my mother in law) answered emphatically “no!” at the exact same time I was saying “YES!” If I was a bit younger, I may have been tempted to amend my “YES!” to an “er, um, I mean, sometimes.”

But here’s the deal-we do have homeschool in our pjs and I’m ok with it. We have homeschool over breakfast and over dinner or in the parking lot at Target.

Because 5 years into our homeschool adventure, I am FINALLY figuring some things out about myself and my little family.

Before, I thought we needed to be dressed and ready to start our learning; but now I know, for us…so far it doesn’t matter. Sometimes we’re in our pj’s, sometimes we are dressed.

Before, I thought we needed a homeschool room; now I know we do school where it’s convenient each day: the kitchen table, the den desk, the playroom, the car, or Panera.

Our home-school(ish) shelf, in our dining room.


Before, I thought we needed to wake up and learn (and while I’d personally prefer that); now I know that my kids are all different and our days’ activities often vary, so we do school when we need to. Sometimes it’s before the sun rises, sometimes it’s while it sets.

Before I thought, there was one certain way; but now I realize I’d forgotten some of the reasons I, at times reluctantly, agreed to this. And I agreed to it and even like it (most of the time) because homeschooling provides our family with flexibly, creativity, freedom, and the ability to do what’s right for each kid according to what they personally need.

And sometimes that means we are unconventional in the way we school. Sometimes we are very conventional.

I’ve (mostly) stopped caring about what other people are doing in life, but for some reason, the school thing was still getting to me, like a little yappy dog at my heels…

telling me I was doing it wrong,

I didn’t have the right set up,

that I should be more organized

…or that there is ONE RIGHT WAY.

But like almost every method in life, there are lots of ways to homeschool!

Maybe all those moms who post and execute all the beautiful homeschool ideas are just cut from a different mold than I am. And that’s ok. But I would venture to guess, that there are also a lot of moms like me, doing homeschool in their pjs, in the crevices of their day, with the flexibility that works for each member of their family.

Every family is different. Every child is different.

No matter your method or your curriculum or your child, some days will be lovely and some will be awful. Some days you’ll love having the kids home, and some days you’ll just want SOME QUIET-just like the rest of life. If this is your first year homeschooling or your 5th, take a deep breath. Enjoy the journey (or hate it on some days). Remember why you started. Embrace what makes you the right teacher for your kiddo! Curated or not!




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