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So You’re a COVID Homeschool Mom

*Upfront. I realize not everyone has the luxury of staying home with their children right now. I am extremely sensitive to that and am eager to be a part of helping those in our community who don’t have the advantages I do. That said. Dear COVID Homeschool Moms, Congratulations! You tackled your first day! Or… Continue reading So You’re a COVID Homeschool Mom

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Fourth Quarter Reads and Reviews

BLARG!!! It’s late January and I’m still getting my December act together. Guys, even the tubs of Christmas decorations are still in the guest room and my Christmas cards are still up. Anywho, here goes. Non-fiction I picked up*┬áTalking as Fast as I Can┬álast summer, basically the second I finished binging Gilmore Girls (which because… Continue reading Fourth Quarter Reads and Reviews